ReactorRF GM needed.


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Jun 29, 2014
Kevin, 21 years old

2. RRC, Chinna

3. i play with my own character, i have 3 race account, always active to read the post at forum and sometimes reply the thread if needed

4. still on progess to graduated IT database

5. Help lossing race and make balance 3 race war, make fair games with focus on ilegal trap, debuff, bug at elf, spec bug Siege Kit, ilegal items

6. Never be GM, because busy at collage, work, play game

7. I've been playing this game since junior high school third grade until now, and i play reactor from 2009 until now <2015>

8. i have 2 laptop

thank you


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Nov 14, 2016
Davao City
1. JR, 24
2. Davao City, Philippines
3. I assure that I can fulfill and commit GM Duties.
4. BS Computer Science in University of Mindanao
5. I've been playing RF Online since 2006 in different servers. I don't have any experience being a GM but I'm willing to become one of your GM. I would like to help the community and I will give the most that I can do.
6. I can do outside duties because everyday I have an access on my computer. I can work anytime and anywhere.
7. Currently I am working as an Administrative Assistant and I've been with different people in my workplace. So working as a team will not be hard for me.

Please contact me if my application was approved. Thank you.

email: [email protected]