Client isn't full! help


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Dec 11, 2014
Dear mrs.,

first sorry my english.
I have a problem with the client.
I've downloaded the client and there was not any error, also installed without error occurs, but when looking for the executable file RFReactor, I found none. He is in another folder ?? You have one link to download the patch.

Thank you and I'm waiting



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Apr 3, 2009
A place called earth.
It's probably a problem with your anti-virus. Sometimes anti-virus detects the exe file as a virus, but it's a false positive, meaning it's not really a virus. Try to turn off your anti-virus when you download the client. I think there's a link provided by players with the exe file, I will try to find that thread and will PM you the link. For the mean time, you can try to PM our GMs or admin Valsha and find out if there's actually a link. Thank you!

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Here's the RF Reactor exe link:

Credits to Magnus from this thread.

Let me know if these solved your problem. Thank you!