Secondary Server Concept.


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Dec 2, 2010
This thread focus on the specifics of the new server.

What you can post here:
-Ideas for the new servers;
-Ideas for events;
-Ideas about donations and donors;
-Ideas about the staff, more specific about the GM's;

-Do not talk about anything related to whats happening to the old server;
-Do not talk about if you think a new server is the solution or not;
-Do not talk about merging both servers;

Hi, right now we are working on new server concept (Grand Up), all donations temp.
It will be Reactor 2.0 reborn :)
Attention!!! There will be no any wipe on current Reactor! It will be complete new server.
Current Reactor server will be always online, like last 7 years :)
Will be OBT before we will release Reactor 2.0 reborn.
What do you think about this idea?
It seems we were heard my fellow reactorians. Now that we're all in the same page about what to do with the old and new server, it's time we start to share and create a server concept. I'm taking this initiative because I can, I know that the staff has plans, but the community has a voice and we should be heard.

I'm going to throw my ideas here and I WANT everyone else to critic my ideas and post new ones. PLEASE, be a part of this moment, let's together create a better server, or a server that we see as ideal. If you disagree with me and show my mistake I'll remove the idea (I'm not a proud person), please point it out. I'm cool guy with criticism, I believe it makes everyone better. And if your idea is good, I'll also add it here.


-Server Version: It should be aka GA or golden age.
Its more recent and it has more itens.​

-Level Cap: ???
I've no inclination whatsoever to any level cap.​

It should be medium to high. 100x maybe?​

It should be attractive to everyone, donor and normal player. Now, how do we do it? I think a solid answer to this can only be given once we defined what kind of gear players will be using and how they're going to get it and upgrade it. So, more on this topic later.​

I don't remember how reactor farming was tbh, but afaik it was good enough. Idk if we should do any changes or keep something similar as we already have.

My only suggestion is to make farming in ether WAAAAY more easy and better, even maybe the only place to farm. So it can drawn every race to the same place (which means PVP, YEY!)

What will this do, it will create a different meta game inside the game. A 55+ player can't farm at ether, because of his level. The best level to farm at callianas is 47. So everyone will have a 47 alt char to farm and with time they'll look and create gear for those chars (rareC weapons and gear), which means MORE things to do.

And people will have a reason to go to ether.​

Should be default.​

-Unlocking level quests:
I think we can do something with them. I would remove the 50 and 56 quests, but add a new quest related to the level cap. Lets say the level cap is 65. We add a level 65 quest, a very hard quest, that will unlock the player to level to 65+. Idk if we should add a level 70 MAU, summon, siege kit and so on... maybe the higher level should be a challenge and nothing else, at least in the beginning of the server.​

I believe donation should be the Cash Shop. No complete gear or weapon, only crafting material, upgraders, potions, jades and so on...

In my understanding the Original Reactor Server (ORS) started to decline with the rise of OP and expensive donors.

We should make donations available to everyone. This is somewhat a marketing thought exercise: should we sell a exclusive and expansive product, or should we sell a accessible and cheap product?

It may be that the expansive product can add more money to the server, but that will only happen in the short run. In the long run, a cheaper product can be more profitable once the server population gets stabilized and is constantly spending small amounts of money every week. And it needs to be cheap, because we'll be dealing with ephemeral products such as pots, upgraders and crafting material. These items will be used very fast and it may even fail. So we'll be appealing to the addictive nature of the human begin: give him the tolls so he can be very fucking strong, but these same tolls are a gamble.

So my suggestion? Donations should be CS only and cheap. Oh, you can maybe do things such as race transfer, base class change and so on... no upgrade thru donation, OKAY?

PS: I would sell in CS a edited Hora Dark Hole (and I assure you, people will buy the shit out of these EDITED HDH).
PS2: What do you mean edited, MAKINA? Well... I think we should keep always the gamble thing in mind. But at the same time we could make something worthwhile for donors or for groups of people. Let's say we sell 1 (ONE) edited HDH key for $10. Expansive, right? But stay with me. Lets make sure that the end boss is always the real boss and lets edit the loots from the final boss to be HDH's elemental, or rare gears and weapons. So, the players can buy this key, get a group together and try your luck.
PS3: we can always not edit the level cap of the HDH, which means people will have to have a level 55 char in order to do it, which means MORE game.
PS4: or we can just edited it to the level cap but increase the difficulty.

Edit as minimum as you can, except for those you want to edit. What? I don't get it. Okay, I'll explain.

There are a few specific items players WILL SEEK and with that in mind, we can use that to our advantage. So, what do we do? We make sure that those items (in some cases the materials needed to create those items) drops from very specific and hard bosses, so we can lure players not only to certain areas, but to make them work as a team. Because we mobs, PB's and maps should have some synergy between them. You can't have flems droping perfect elementals and Thor from kartella droping only rareC gears. The harder the boss, better the reward.

I think pure classes should get more attention. I would suggest increasing the amount of Temp they get for everykill and slightly the effect of their class buffs.​

Gears (by gears I mean armor, weapons and elemental):
This is my biggest fight and I've never saw it done. We should have at the end game rareA/B/C gear, superior gear, consul gear, relic gear, golden gear and elementals, HDH's elemens, dragon armor and leon weapons.

This for me is a MUST HAVE. You should play in a server that attends to your play stile, you should not be mold by the server. So, if you want to walk around with 40k HP+ you can, just make a HP rareC set. You want dodge? Go leon and relic gear. Attack? Seek D'bros and HDH elemetals and use a dragon armor.

Idk, I believe that in the end game you should have players walking around with several different kinds of gear. No choice should be the clearly better, all should be equal but different. Idk if that makes any sense.​

End Game:
To me, when you reach the high level, this is were the game should start,

1-RareA/B gears should be fairly easy to acquire and upgrade.
2-Leon, relic, rareC and so on... should require work and time.
3-People will have high level char as main, but at least one secondary low level char for farming
5-You'll have the unlock quest to do
6-People should get into PvP fast. Which means that you should reach max level fast (a few days) and get a reasonable gear fairly fast (perfect elems, +4/5 weapons and a rareB max level gear)
7-People who play hard will be reward with a stronger character (also those who pay hard as well). Which means the longer you play, the more organized you are, the bigger your group is and the more united your race is, will lead you and your friends to a more epic PvP and PvE.​

PS: sorry for the grammar mistakes, but it's kinda late and I'm tired and a bit drunk, so... cut me a slack.
PS2: more to come tomorrow.


Jun 26, 2014
That's solid work, makina. You seem to have given this a lot of thought. I salute your emotional investment in this server. Anyway, here are some of my suggestions.

Level: starting from 50 then increases 5 levels maybe every 3-6 mos. So no one gets left behind. Maximum still being 75. But even at low level, can still get items/materials for lvl 75 items constructions (diamonds) for later use.

Promotion: a) Need to have a welcome package for every player. To help them be on track as quickly as possible (to attract new players as well and even old players). Maybe elems set, low lvl 50 armor set

b) in other servers, guild transfers are given rewards. Meaning if you have a group of players (5 or more perhaps) and you bring them all to reactor, GL will have a reward like armor set and weapons as well as the members (lower reward than the GL).

c) Compensation for donators. Donators should be given the option to trade their donator account in the old server to some items in the new server. Of course, it couldn't be the same items since BM set will be temporary in the new server (while it is permanent in the old).

Points scheme: No more voting in website. RF players do not look at these top 10 sites anymore to search for a server. They look for word of mouth. The BP should be given on a time basis like what other popular RF servers are now implementing. i.e you get a certain amount of BP for every hour you are logged in. This encourages players to stay online even if they are only AFK.

Donation: not so very OP. I agree with makina. One of the major cause of downfall of this server is the overpowered donators. One FD can kill maybe 1-2 parties of non donators. The all temp donations is a good step to this. But still need to curb the power ratio. (lessen gap betwen FD and non FD)

1. Superior and type C items are completely discarded in this server. Must be nice to have those also for more gear options.
2. Crafting is completely neglected in this server. It would be good to have crafting enabled. And players should be able to craft max level items. More things to do.
3. Another class that's completely neglected in this server are towerists (towers only good when free dps). Give towers more HP. It's costly to build 1 anyway. (not sure if lvl 75 towers exist).
4. No hoarding of guilds. Inactive guilds (classified as having only 1 or less active players) should be automatically deleted. Current server, many players have a collection of guilds.

Bugs in the old server that needs to be corrected for the new server:
1. Like the olden days, Baal need to drop 3D and BBL. It doesn't seem to drop this in the current server.
2. Baal/3Ds need to drop non-rental RINGS. In this current server, only amu drops are permanent. all ring drops are RENTAL only lasting less than 1 day.
3. Elemental upgrading should be made easier. Right now, It's simply impossible to upgrade normal elems to max. or make it same very low success rate but make it 1 step (i.e. 25 becomes 30) . Usually, with a per +1 step (i.e. 25, 26, 27 etc), elem breaks before reaching 27. Forget about making it to 30). This will result in more things to do with players, and T2 gems we get from mine will have its use.
4. Remove level 50 limit of Type C weapon/armor combining. Make it max 70 for more gear choices and more things to do. Level 75 type C and level 70 superior items.

that's it for now. Hope valsha takes our suggestions into consideration.
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