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    OBT report.

    The point item NPC is missing some items

    Accretia - Leons Dark Flame Launcher
    Bellato - Leons Dark Gatling
    Cora - Leons Dark Gatling
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    Info...BOOBS InfoBot oh..mean BOOBS

    When you have finished ...looking at those beautiful BOOBS, read the Important information !!!
    (you need to use only ONE link)
    Full Game client RF 2.2.3
    mirror № 1 - Direct link (use download manager)
    mirror № 2 - Direct link (use download manager)

    Error Login: Wrong Name
    Hi Everyone. I have finally found out the solution on creating a new account. Several players have been complaining that if they create a new account, it says "Error Login: Wrong Name" even they put the exact same information they created. I have tried it myself and I'm getting the same problem.
    But then I have found out the solution, which is to put 4 NUMBERS in your PASSWORD. For example, user1234. This thread is made for future players who will ask the problem, and so that admin will check and resolve the problem so our new players won't have any problems. Thank you!

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