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    as i say, im new in this server .......
    i wanna know where can i get talic.....????
    also t4 / t5 .....?????
    and class redefine capsule....????

    in fact usually i can find some kind of drop list / NPC in home web, but cant find it here......

    also its seriously hard to do lvl 50 xp quest, giant baba still white -_-'

    it might be easier if i have a party, but the problem is i play as belato, and i ALMOST never see any other player here (in fact i never saw anyone using chat world) ......
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  2. KevinHuang

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    Jun 29, 2014
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    better you play another server bro.. this is dead server, someone playing 3 race to get council spot <always nuke using another race for deff and trying crash serve when someone DPS their chip> and then destroying the server and the admin do not care to player..
    let this server dead...
    admin only want the money, he doesnt care about player..
    we are player need something for fun not for stress out cause the server problem..
    some people donate then quit cause of the admin...
    no GM, no EVENTS, no active player at one side race <always moving to strong race>

    THIS IS DEAD SERVER... "ADMIN ONLY NEED THE MONEY" HE DOESNT CARE ABOUT PLAYER... better quit before you stress out cause this fcking server...

    im waiting to be banned from this forum ^_^
  3. ComradeS

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    Sep 22, 2012
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    what is server good?
  4. eric26

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    Jun 26, 2014
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    Kevin I only disagree with you with 1 thing, even with the things you said, I still think this is a good server. THis is a highly stable server (minimal downtime/no dupe hacks/minimal bugs) and is in existence since 2009 (an 8 year old server). Many RF servers are closing left and right and this one will stay. See, you guys have been saying this server is dead since 2-3 years ago and it is still online. LOL. Many servers have actually closed around that time. lol

    But yes, I agree with what you said about valsha. I don't think he cares for this server anymore. When I was GM, I proposed to him many things that might help increase the population of this server. But he didnt approve any of my proposal (why I quit being GM). I think he's contended with the current pop and donors. The thing is, more pop=more donations for him. But I guess he's already rich that sometimes he even ignores donation requests. This server just needs an active ADMIN that cares to improve the pop of the server and this server will be alive again. But we already said this a thousand times and valsha doesn't seem to hear or care. so I guess there's no chance for that either.
  5. fonion

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    Mar 14, 2010
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    talic, t4 = from mining
    t5 = from shop (above your screen at game) >> buy use cash point or we called BP (bonus point)
    how get BP ?? vote at (1 account 1x vote every 24 hours)

    this server not like other server who have good items at NPC .. or good items drop from mobs
    this server have +0 items, u must craft by yourself.. use upgrader for N / B / C type armor or weapon (buy at shop, use cash point)
    use T5 + talic for upgrade SS armor or council armor or Dragon armor or grace~darkeness gloves or mercy shoes
    Elan PB's drop Dragon armor

    how to leveling to 50 :
    lvl 40 go to outpost >> kill Assasin Builder A until u reach lvl 48
    lvl 48 go to PB Blink (buy TP at NPC HQ ~ teleportation) >> go down (not bridge) and exit the cave, kill mobs there until u reach lvl 51 or 52
    lvl 51 go to PB Blood Axe (buy TP at NPC HQ) or go to Outcast (buy TP at NPC too) >> kill Red Hairer Splinter (the big one) ... that mobs near kukra gate or near Outcast port... kill that mobs until u reach lvl 56
    lvl 56 go to naroom at outcast >> kill naroom captain until u reach lvl 60
    lvl 60 go to elf (elven land) TP sette map first >> kill assassin and gunner until u reach lvl 75 :D

    why I tell u this, because almost no one play at normal time... some people play only at war time
    if u want party, u need solo until lvl 60 or 65, because some player already lvl 70 or 75 ... party at elf can help u reach lvl 65 or 70
    if u acc, u need reach lvl 75 (if u play Gunner use Siege Kit)
    if u bells or cora, u need reach lvl 70 + use jade (kill metal eter at elf, carefully with this mobs, u need minimum 246 dodge)
  6. vincente

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    Sep 30, 2012
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    leave the server soon bro, do not waste your time, it will useless to play here until admin do something on this, this server was the best server, was,,, and i missed that old days,
  7. pitix

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    Mar 26, 2010
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