How to connect to Open Beta Test (OBT)

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Nov 28, 2008

Good day.

We are starting the server with Open Beta Test, what this is mean? First of all, after we finish OBT (Open Beta Test) we will wipe all data.
in this OBT you can play, find all errors and post it in the proper forum section.
Why we need OBT?
We have done too much work on the server, too many features, and complete new Control Panel. We can't find all bugs here, so we need your help.
After we finish OBT we will run our server and give all testers (who will test server) a GOOD prizes.

Now, how to connect to OBT:

1. download FULL client ReactoR Reborn - (torrent file)
2. create new account - Game Control Panel - Reactor Reborn
3. run launcher and login to the game - RF Reactor.exe​
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