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    Dual Log

    I think there is an abuse of the dual log and need to be controled, some people are appoint him self with other chars on counsil list! I think that must be punished. And I think they use as an excuse: "there are few people , because of that I appoint myself". If they join with one of those...
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    Yo! People!!

    There is no event? Kevin your account its ready as GM? We are losing people. I think everyone will insult me if I suggest this, but! New maps with MORE items, can we get that again? What about master skills? I know all said its a crazy plan but, nothing to do, after get Lvl 75 there is nothing...
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    Favor charm

    After update favor charm no effect on bell side, already try all class, there is no effect. çI dont know if anyone have the same problem :meeting: :unsure: Thats not the only thing, I feel like the all Def its decreased, or even mobs hit so hard. Im using 3D + BBL, DA CR all +3, mage x shield miller
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    Buy Dagan and Dagon

    30% def Amu (3 pieces) 26% def amu (1 piece) 25% def amu (1 piece) 20/25 AD ring (1 peace) 25/30 AD ring (2 pieces) Oc high Amu (1 piece) Fluc Amu (2 pieces) Vio High Amu (2 pieces) Starvet Beast Amu (2 pieces) [22%atack/5.0% damage to hp/accuracy 15] Manto B +6 (4 pieces) Leon knife 55 +4 Leon...
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    Bell RL

    Im the new bell RL, and i must said i'll be busy the first 2 wars, thats not mean i'll be innactive i must do something at that wars! Sorry, i just avoid any kind of report i'll be active all the week but i must do something
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    Trade Items

    Already traded!
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    Guys i have been AFK at elan for a while then when i back i was in somewhere over the mountain, i dont know why and i cant even down of them, like a fly bug, then i try to teleport and i cant do it, then i logged out and i was still there, then i logged again and try to teleport hq and i was at...
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    Trading items

    sell: 65 b +7 CR [helm,upper,lower,gloves] staff 70+7 2 pc staff 65+7 AS +6 Lvl 50[50] shield Vengance Lvl 45+4 SS LR boots +5 mercy PI Lvl 55+0 shield WI Lvl 38 staff +7 SS FR set +5 [NO GLOVES] Guild G4 ~Ikkitousen~ Manto B +6 Leon 55 +2 [5 slot] Blood Booster G99 Anti Curse Booster G60...
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    safe zone buff

    he did something wrong, he buff in safe zone. If im not mistake thats bannable just like if someone heal you at safe zone and u are at outside, he did it to me when i was outside i try to kill him but he was inside. And im not crying about the buff the character im using its mage so i dont care...
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    Roar buff increase the rate of the upgrading i mean its the same rate if i want upgrade for expample my Dragon Armor with SOD than Roar or flag? Its possible that? Roar give more rate on upgrading? and its the same Roar or flag?
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    Hi, i'm a player of this server like 2011 or 2012 i dont remember, and i want to suggest somethings that maybe can help the server. The true its we are losing some people, and some people are the same rerroling, i think the problem here its the new people its playing and they get killed so...
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    Fly Hack

    Accretia Name: [SGS]cRiSis
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    Sell 65b+7 CR set [boots +6] Sell SS FR +5 set [No Gloves] Blood Booster G99 I need LB and Ranger items
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    Ilegal item

    PrettyCaster from bells Ilegal item an SS gloves CR +6 grace. "tagabukid" IGN in acc. both chars must be banned
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    About Protect Gen

    Hello, i want to ask to some old bells and if anyone check if u loot 5 protect generators, ur def dont change u just need one, i see the numbers changing using one only, so i loot 4 protect generators for what? I mean, have effect or not? numbers are bugged? or only 1 protect have effect like i...
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    About PI or AS shields

    Hi, i want to ask how i made my PI shield Hora or AS shield low Lvl, i mean i see PI Hora shield 44[50] i know how to make a C shield but i dont know how to make low Lvl.
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    Checking file

    Always checking file, if i have to download the las patch or download something can u put the link here? thanks, i want to solve this fast
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    Sell DA CR +3

    Sell DA CR +3 SET [Upper +2] :acute::acute::acute: Offer....
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    Ilegal traps

    Ilegal traps acc IGN: [Knock]Burton just ported and traps hit me
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    Buy DA FR +3

    Buying DA FR +3 Post here ur demands (anyway i have an offer) :new_russian: :new_russian: My Offer: DA CR set +3 (upper +2) Selling CR +7 65 b Upper in acc = Offer