HELP!!!: RF Reactor Launcher UPDATING FOREVER...

I would appreciate anyone that can help me setting my RF Reactor in my PC. Here's what I've done so far..

1. Already downloaded and extracted the file.
2. Launcher already updated.

Never tried to login yet.

ISSUE: Launcher is keep on updating whenever I want to use it. It will prompt that I'm done with the update and need to restart the launcher, but when I restart the launcher, it happens again and again...

Is there anyway that I can use the launcher without updating it forever except if it's really necessary. I hope someone may notice this post and help. I need to steps to follow. It's been ages since my last activity and totally forgot the process. Thanks in advance.

Have you tried this? disconnect the internet then open the launcher , it should skip the update
I have thanks so much. I guess I should've launch the app thru the folder from where it came from. I tried earlier to do the desktop shortcut.

Whenever I launched it from the desktop it kept on updating but I finally figured it out. Thanks so much for your advise. Stay safe!